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Our Participation in the flower festival

2020-01-02 Al Ahsa-The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Yaseen Agriculture Company participated in the flower carnival held in the tourist park of Guatha, which was organized by the office of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Al-Ahsa Thursday evening, 1 January 2020, the first version of the flower carnival in Al-Ahsa, and its activities will continue for 9 days, in the presence of the representative of Al-Ahsa Moaz Al-Jaafari, Director General of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture Ibrahim Al-Khalil, and a number of government and private officials. Everyone wandered around the carnival, and looked at their products in the field of coordination and sale of flowers, planting, furnishing and maintenance of home gardens, installation of modern irrigation systems, agricultural tools, nursery products and companies specialized in fields related to afforestation, vegetation for gardens, irrigation systems, fertilizers and seeds. The carnival aims to educate and environmentally educate visitors by introducing them to the importance of plants and flowers, their benefits and types that are environmentally friendly, how to care for them, and the importance of preserving them, in addition to displaying products related to agriculture, and the requirements of different home gardens that contribute to the formation of a model home garden, as it is accompanied by a number of activities Of recreational and educational activities and competitions for visitors. The opening saw the influx and interaction of a number of visitors to the carnival. In conclusion, the participating government departments and nurseries were honored, and then commemorative photos were taken on this occasion.

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