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Flower Power
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product name:Flower Power

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Product information


Material composition: boron, zinc, molybdenum, copper and growth stimulants.

Material function: Increase flower volume while fixing flower and knot.

The benefit obtained from the use: The plant naturally activates to produce additional quantities of oxygen to supply the flowers and flower buds during their opening, which increases the percentage of flowering and reduces the distortions of fruits resulting from poor pollination and gives homogeneity of the sizes of fruits with the large size, which leads to an increase in the yield as well as And qualitatively.

Method of use: Add spray to vegetable crops in greenhouses when 5-10% flowering occurs at a rate of 2 liters / 1000 liters of water every two weeks. For crops in open ground, it is added twice (the period between them is two weeks) at the beginning of flowering, at a rate of 1-2 liters per hectare for one batch.

Other notes: To obtain the highest amount of flowering and knots, it is preferable to use the Flower Power with bumblebees.

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  • Supplier StollerUSA
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