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Omex Nami 20
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product name:Omex Nami 20

supplier: OMEX



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Product information


Material composition: It contains major and minor elements in chelated form, in addition to containing stimulating materials.

Function of the material: This compound is used on young seedlings to increase the strength of the plant and the size of the roots and to overcome the sources of stress resulting from the transfer of seedlings and thus reduce the percentage of losses when planting in the permanent land.

The benefit obtained from use: Supplying the seedling with major and minor elements and strengthening the root system, which leads to overcoming the stress resulting from the transfer of the seedling from the nursery to the permanent production land.

How to use: It is used as a foliar spray on the seedling at a rate of 2-3 liters / 1000 liters twice. The first is when the first two true leaf appear, and the second is when four real leaf appeared.

Product details

  • Supplier OMEX
  • Category Fertilisers ,Paper
  • Unit 5 L ,1 L ,
  • Code
  • Packing Can
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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