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Omex Calmax*
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product name:Omex Calmax*

supplier: OMEX



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Product information


Material Composition: Calcium Nitrogen Magnesium AndMicroelements.

Functionof the material: The most effective product to avoid calcium deficiency when itis added regularly from the beginning of the plant's life. 

The benefit obtainedfrom the use: the ease of movement of the calcium element and its access to theplaces of deficiency in the plant, which leads to reducing the distortions ofthe fruits resulting from the lack of the calcium element, and the thickeningof the cell walls, thus increasing the stability of flowering and knots, andimproving the quality of fruits in terms of increasing their hardness and thustheir ability to transport and store.

Product details

  • Supplier OMEX
  • Category Fertilisers ,Paper
  • Unit 5 L ,
  • Code
  • Packing Jerrycan
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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