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PowHumus (Pottasium Humate 80%)
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product name:PowHumus (Pottasium Humate 80%)

supplier: HUMINTECH



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Product information


Function of the material: It treats soil salinity and improves its physical and chemical properties and the activity of beneficial microorganisms in it, which greatly increases the absorption of nutrients into the plant. It also improves seed germination.

The benefit obtained from use: Overcoming the harmful effects of salts in the soil, encouraging plant growth, increasing production and improving plant specifications. It improves soil texture and increases its water holding capacity. It encourages and increases the microbiological activities in the soil. The higher the oxygen content. Increases the ion and cation exchange capacity of the soil. It also increases root growth. Increases fertilizer effectiveness and reduces the possibility of leaching from the soil. It increases the permeability capacity of the cell wall in the cells of the plant roots and thus increases the rate of absorption of nutrients by the plant. It increases the percentage of seed germination and encourages the growth of the bud and the root emerging from the seed.

Method of use: It is used on most agricultural crops in the open ground at a rate of 6 - 8 kg / hectare / year, divided into batches, the rate of one batch is 1 - 2 kg / hectare.

For vegetable crops, it is used once a week. As for clover, it is used after mowing and it is preferable to add it alone on the day when fertilization is not done to avoid the effects of mixing with acids and other mineral fertilizers.

Other notes: It is preferable to divide the prescribed quantity per hectare in batches instead of adding it all at once.

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  • Supplier HUMINTECH
  • Category Fertilisers ,organic fertilizer
  • Unit 25kg ,
  • Code
  • Packing bag
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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